The Importance of Timing in the Sales Process with Drift


Episode 43: Show Notes.

Today on the show we speak with Drift CRO, Josh Allen, and VP of Sales, Armen Zildjian. In this episode, we explore a range of important topics you’ll inevitably have to face as an early-stage company. Josh and Arman see a lot of companies hurting themselves by not paying close enough attention to timing. We explore how you can increase your sales and build better relationships with your clients by prioritizing the “speed to lead” process. Hiring new sales reps is an art in itself – one that you can easily master by systematizing your onboarding process and knowing what to look for in your candidates. Here, Josh and Arman run you through the hiring process currently implemented at Drift and share the top qualities that they look for when hiring. We also discuss Drift’s conversational marketing methods and how humanizing an automated process will help you build better relationships with your clients. Lastly, we discuss the different sales cycles and what books you should be reading to help you navigate them. 

“Keeping the customer in mind is ultimately what we often lose.” — @joshmallen Click To Tweet “Listen to the market but take it with a grain of salt… sometimes the market can lie.” — @Azildj Click To Tweet

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Learn more about Josh and Armen’s background.
  • What slows companies down with initial sales.
  • The negative side of over-automation.
  • How to avoid a poor BDR experience.
  • The importance of a timely chat functionality.
  • Speed to lead: Capitalizing on intent.
  • Why sales reps need to ask tough questions.
  • The responsibilities of a CRO and a VP of Sales.
  • Starting the research process for market persona.
  • What you should be looking for in new reps.
  • The teachables VS the non-teachables.
  • Discover what the hiring process looks like at Drift.
  • The most important thing to look for in an interviewee.
  • Getting to the “Why” of your sales reps.
  • How to implement conversational marketing.
  • Josh and Armen share their favorite sales books.
  • And much more! 
“If you start a company, you’re brave. If you start two companies, you’re borderline. If you start three, you’re certifiably insane.” — @joshmallen Click To Tweet

Books Mentioned:

“Don’t close yourself off to thinking you have all the answers.” — @Azildj Click To Tweet

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