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Episode 55: Show Notes.

In this episode of Startup Sales, we welcome Michael Tuso. Michael is the Head of Business Development and Enablement at Chili Piper, which is a 100% remote company, including their entire sales team. In this episode, Michael shares his unique insights as a leader of a remote sales team. We hear Michael’s philosophy on the importance of trust as a leader, especially in remote work, and how freedom builds autonomy and reliability in your team. We also get into the fine details of how to hire for a remote team – what to look for in a team member and what hiring process to have in place. So many startups today are having trouble attracting the right team members and the right clients, Michael addresses this issue by sharing his top tips for creating a brand for yourself, and for your company, that gets talent to come directly to you. If you’re a remote worker or a leader of a remote team – this episode is essential!

“If you hired someone and you need to know what they’re doing all day, then you probably hired the wrong person.” — @mjtuso Click To Tweet

Key Points From This Episode:

  • From politics to startups – Michael’s career history.
  • Discover the inner workings of Chili Piper’s remote team.
  • What hiring across the globe has taught Michael.
  • Michael shares his hiring philosophy on trust.
  • Learn more about Chili Piper’s coaching culture.
  • How remote work propels task-orientated projects.
  • Why freedom is the key to running a remote team.
  • Michael’s biggest challenge as a remote manager.
  • How remote managing can enhance communication skills.
  • Michael’s top tips for a successful remote hiring process.
  • Why brand-recognition, loyalty and trust is key to the future.
  • How to help build your brand through diverse writing.
  • Tools to keep a remote sales team productive and connected.
  • Find out why coaching makes a great leader.
  • And much more!
“Autonomy starts with letting people choose how and when they want to work.” — @mjtuso Click To Tweet

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