Reducing the Time to Close with Dylis Guyan


Episode 52: Show Notes.

In this episode of Startup Sales, we welcome Dylis Guyan. Dylis is an International Sales and Marketing leader, coach and speaker and owner of her own company by the same name. She also serves as Course Director for the Chartered Institute for Marketing and lectures MBA students at Oxford University’s Saïd Business School. For over three decades, Dylis has shown thousands of professional business owners and salespeople how to bring in high-quality, ideal clients on a consistent basis. In this episode, we discuss how to reduce the time to close. If your deals are taking too long, Dylis shares some really great tips on how to shorten that sales cycle and increase average deal size. We also hear the top three biggest mistakes Dylis sees her own clients making: 1.) Give up too soon 2.) It’s all about me 3.) All tactics, no strategy (and how you can avoid them!) If you’re an early stage startup and need expert advice and simple strategies to help refine your sales process – this episode is for you!

“Your prospective clients are not interested in you, your product, or your service.” — @DylisGuyan Click To Tweet

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Dylis’ background in the sales and marketing industry.
  • The three biggest sales mistakes early stage companies are making.
  • Most companies are giving up too soon; find out why.
  • How to avoid desperation mode through a multiple-contact strategy.
  • Why Dylis’ favorite strategy is to first connect on LinkedIn.
  • Why you shouldn’t be too eager to talk about your product.
  • Understanding your ideal client and where they want to be.
  • How using Google Alerts can set your sales strategy apart.
  • Moving away from pebble-dash selling into personalization.
  • The importance of setting up goals and written plans.
  • Discover how to profile your ideal client most effectively.
  • Dylis’ top tips for reducing your sales cycle time.
  • The power of questioning and listening to understand.
  • Getting clients to see the impact of not doing anything.
  • Quick wins for increasing your average deal size.
  • And much more!
“When you’re asking, button your lip, zip it, and listen. Listen to understand not just to hear.” — @DylisGuyan Click To Tweet

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