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Final Five

What is your favorite sales or leadership book? Sales Management Simplified by Mike Weinberg

Do you have someone that you follow/read for sales/leadership ideas? Sales Hackers, Open View Venture Partners, Jack Kosakowski 
Are you available 24/7? Do you have strict personal time boundaries? The weekends are his. He using them for himself and to learn.
What is your favorite tool used for sales? LeadIQ
What one piece of advice do you have for all the founders/CEOs/VP Sales out there? Have the CEO and Sales leader be a SDR for a day to understand how much work it is to generate a meeting.

Mike's Linkedin: http://linkedin.com/in/mikecoscina

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[0:40] Well thanks for being with us that he had things around me adam.

[0:45] Why don't we start with give me me a quick overview of the man your ass
yeah sure so I've been with the man drive for five years and currently
series B funding,
when you say help bro vs and scale the ask dr kim's what do you mean so as far as you know about helping them even with.
obviously training the SDR on their product generating revenue and closed business for for our clients and from there as the program's progress of our clients adding wraps because.
The revenue goals are growing year-over-year right,
started with an outbound program and doing great.

[2:04] Or have an outbound an inbound 10 to the program.
Objectives with their clients sales development leadership and the man drive but over all we will become a real true extension of their team that really what separates the men drive is and like.
When you feel like a part of your clients sales team.
Okay great so now tourist SDR team on demand.
Jacqueline well traffic so you have lot experience in there and so.

[2:51] Why don't we start digging into that let's go with the ongoing debate SDR
does a report to marketing or sales in the best ummat of debate
when there's like higher volume of
of movie jan rae ann and you need to go through like all,
there's two different ways I think it's more effective up to sales when there's a lot of.
A lot of leaves that need to be followed up on but then again when you're taking mormon account based strategy,
you should really be
and you really want those SDR focus on Prospect.
Ending releasing top of marketing and so really whenever the and goal is of the program whether it's too,
follow up on weed.

[4:18] Strategic outbound and things like that.
I'm from like a cold cold perspective three the sales is is usually a better spot roll up under.

[4:34] Okay and why why is that for both of them.
Also with the marketing obviously,
core of the account
yeah what message in the messaging is very important and when it comes to enter tell rolling up under marketing and and for sales is say they want and like,
by the end of the year.
Very clear ky we know what we want our objective is there that's what how of how he's being measured and yo were there to submit support him and x q on their behalf.
So tell me would what kind of company should start looking into.

[5:39] When is your team more precious what stage should company be an asshole other really good question and like over over the years we started working wes.
Younger younger companies like eastridge.

[5:59] That can be a little tricky just in the sense that.
First i need to establish product market fit and not usually like they got an angel round series and a,
and so he's start working with them before product market share,
this is a established and do they may not it may not be a successful program,
working with series B and up the VC firms are coming in providing
beyond the injection of capital in the series to scale sales and marketing
r4l building a product in engineering and all that stuff.
Now it's time kid really to grow to grow this this this this company of david beard mean created and that's where we come and.

[7:01] Okay so basically went once you found the product product.

[7:06] And and have gotten gossett stage that uses start building out in the starting in exactly.

[7:14] Okay now what kind of ratio do you have between a CRNA account executive.
It really depends on i get a few things here so i can,
One account executive salary is much higher than your average strs salary so having more.
Its accounting games with three st orders in and
account executives are focused on doing right is closing business so there i default to closing deals prospecting is kind of an afterthought to them are they don't really wanna do it just in general there's obviously exceptions to that.
So having an engine,
any sales development.
We're going to just t op room highly qualified meetings for for their accounting acts,
then put into their pipeline.
Sales development strictly focuses on generating sales reps.

[8:38] Okay but you gave a number of 3 reps 2.
3 SDR s26 account Executives that you seen me for is that a good ratio or what it what would a good ratio be
the number of factors on and what the company wants to achieve but,
a good ratio and be like.
The opposite right so like.
Make it 6 sdrs I have 3 AES and have to SDR support uje
that way they're getting
really what's gonna drive ultimately drive the top top line right revenue for the company.

[9:36] Okay cars for one account executive,
sales sales or marketing team but.
There is e eu what kind of work backward to say are your revenue target is a million dollars in closed business for for a twenty eighteen.

[10:05] Backwards in their conversion rates how many you know meetings are need to set up an or to to hit that number or in would you know
what's going to convert into the.
For number should i st ours in an account exec is respectively.
And is it the same rule applies as far as one to one or two to one for outbound verses in down
really great question I think inbound you can do obviously like much more
you can beat me much more effective in sales
i threw in qualify in down leads in her utt,
stop being sad when you know what we band preach since day one here is.

[11:10] If you get an inbound say it's like a director of marketing XYZ company
sound like came in as an ul you may win,
you may call that person because there on your last but we still looking at from an account based approach usually across all our projects and and.
Are reps bringing another two or three people like the VP of marketing the CMO maybe go lower and try and get some intelligence there so you're getting your getting at your starting out,
jumping into doing outbound so there's really like.

[11:52] Very strong believer in,
you need both like a company can't just rely on their blog to produce produce enough,
you al's or anything like that to be successful in the long run alternate we're gonna need help down at some point yeah.

[12:12] Alright and and how is outbound different for the Str team than inbound.
So you're outside of.

[12:23] When you're reaching out for your following up on sale,
what been are covering sales affect the last.
Maybe a sales consulting firm
hey John I'm reaching out here from XYZ company.
Where you're being constipated all opening up to prospect in and seem really
interest in the webinar is it was an educational was it sometimes
delegated to send or download content.
So they leave but really you need to.
Show Leverage that conversation into to get intelligence into what's going on there so that's the inbound side
the outbound is much more strategic,
i hate you can just to send out like.

[13:50] Neither or like,
152 hundred emails a day through through email,
because marketing can be that much bigger scale and and much money do much alas cos i don't have to pay for a nasty are to do that,
so you really most effective programs do research on.
Verticals are industries that we've seen the most successful.
We have a client that didn't have a very well known research for colin and this is a company that's been around for your own over ten years so they have historical data.
And then they they looked at all of their.
Close business or or deals on clothes lost.
And found that there were other quiver goals were right now like finance.
Your software and healthcare.

[14:56] So when outbound with that program focused on mainly gos,
laser focused on your vertical.
And and then i really understand the ice tea the clients a lighter i do cost are so like what's great title.
We covered the industry so now just a matter of leverage unlinked and and and where were the where did component sales navigator here so you can never go blank and doing the right research wish.
Boolean search and pulling in,
give me your fiber can do,
dream account you wanna get into and and will work on bringing and the proper
prospects in tears iran and then executing really personalized how to reach in the rock and always get those hats like
hey yeah I'm reaching out from XYZ company here's the valley we provide do you want to set up a call they may say,
they may say yeah that sounds interesting but right now is not the time reach out to me in six months so now using your pipeline.
At about three months i'd recommend you like reaching our really whenever.

[16:24] Reaching out and and sending them like relevant piece of content that you found a nice may find valuable to what we're saying top of mine a damn in your providing additional value to that.
Individual and it just kind of keeps the relationship going on from now found perspective so much lower activities.

[16:48] Call volume because it.
We know the industries and the titles and we just build it out from there with some tools internally and then
following up with obviously emails and calls are our call plan is is very similar as far as number of weeks combination of
call an email but here we with the research is involved
in strategic outbound.
The number of dials
to an inbound project that setup on sales
and they are able to do to hundred of calls and a day so it's is much different but we seen tremendous success.
When it comes to outbound when I executed properly and everything's aligned in the right in the right way.

[18:05] Interested okay what kind of metrics should a company have that are important before building out an Str.
So before building out an Str team I mean understanding.
Word and sugar how many need.
For what would be really important c here i am.
I see the chili and a close ratio it and then do the tricks looking after pipeline in.
Many how many touch is it takes two to you to region prospector how many what what percentage of their pipeline is flipping went in the industry average is like.
At least forever sales development is like 50 to 60% into
where are they improving,
okay you said the industry average for an scr to take the lead into a qualified sells qualified.
Is fifty to sixty percent for outbound go for and for both.

[19:30] Someone who works for me has a red and how can this stay on metrics zero like for a nasty are.
Yeah I still to SQL.
Some companies with the SQL nsal,
ask you else fails qualified lead and sales accepted weed so then you measure the conversions between each,
turner is q all station sql stage you should be seeing a fifty to sixty percent.

[20:15] Your success rate in your pipeline getting older so say like if somebody send paul up with me and eight and they are few and four people say that you should see to test if three then you're a seventy five percent
version on your pipeline which is awesome and what do you count as sales except the lead as well like how do you mean how does that the
salesperson say I accept this
one thing that.
That we don't do even like an internal team doesn't
the qualification standards so like do they need to have X number of developer do they need to have kubernetes
our our sbr's are reaching out and gathering this information and then once it's ready
set up.

[21:41] The meeting,
hey this is mrs. micocina calling here and,
do you want to take a call with my director next week.

[21:57] Would not be a great a great meeting share sales are up yeah definitely not is.

[22:06] Alright so.

[22:08] Let's say i must small company and wanting to can build nasty r keene where do i start.
So you most at people in that situation in the first decision to make is okay do i want to build this internally or do i wanna out for set those are the two options you have,
that's it I want to build it internally so building it internally you need to hire.
Usually an SDR manager kind of comes later feel like you're going to hire an SDR.
Maybe he's a player coach
for in the other st ours it will soon be light will soon to follow by dan if their reporting to the media sales or allowing the media marketing those folks are very busy and i have a lot on their plate.
I'm so sales development really works best when manager.

[23:17] Typically more jr. in their career so.
To be there like in the trenches with them rolling up their sleeves
really focused on their call numbers are they hitting their goals contain really good,
it worked called that you had for me to pull the recording your or even bad calls.
So that we can sit down and do a review next week.

[24:07] Okay so when you're hiring i a s t r what kind of traits are you looking for traits that we look for for hiring an SDR
is it.

[24:23] There's a young pass success and in anything so i don't have to be sales development just somebody who who's been successful in the past coachable these shoes i guess i'd like.
If you can,
it's okay three on hand cell development experience on you can you can train somebody very quickly and how to be a good st are
are coachable honest day do you pay if you provide some insight into how to improve their message and,
and they made the tweaks daniel you'll have a great nasty are marion and engine jenny no continue to get better after june is a big feinstein pas there.
They're being negative all the time it's also a self fulfilling prophecy like nobody picks up the phone i'm not gonna make any calls.
I have shot up a bus bench and then lastly curiosity and being quizzed so one of the major can contributing factors and my girlfriend,
under 5 years I came out of college and.
Can jump right into to sell them out man and the man to leadership at was being extremely curious so i can.

[25:46] Anything I come across make sure you look it up
being really like always do tuning into you different podcasts or reading at like a piece of content moved my at my favorites are sales hacker is is one that you really
doing a great job Max and Gaetano running that team over there and they
how do we clean ours on real really really great topics everyone resonates with myself but
people and they are really.
Tips and tricks in,
non great thought leaders so that why i hate i strongly urge anyone listening in here tell if they're not already following sales hacker.
I don't get internet down and,
and just try to block off g your your basically educating yourself no one's really gonna do it for real
so that's that's really helped me just be a fun sales sales leadership development.

[27:04] Okay how else have you
set change to go from that individual contributor to the management so that was probably one of the biggest challenges i've
FaceTime in my career thus far was being a high-performing.
Really having to worry about.
Okay I need to set this meeting this month I need to wash my pipeline.
Vs how do you motivate and and get things done free your people,
which is a big thing that.
Is it a must read for anyone in a really really helped me get a grasp of like what needs to be done
make the transition and successfully and and what challenges along the way is your honda learning from other people's mistakes.
Love myself.

[28:15] Our president is.
Yeah we're eating weekly for years now and and she's been building.
Just asking the same questions I'm trying to push the boundaries on each week on how we can improve our program
and I also asked.
Set it at two and at always asking for feedback so that way you can just improve the little that each day and eventually you'll be
much more confident in yourself in your ability to manage.
Teen Challenges.
Whatever your jumping in jan early management ball is.
There's definitely things that come up
you make early management mistakes,
when really you should just obviously have.
Everything is running smoothly and make sure that.

[29:42] We have you as a resource and a doctor of what bridging you and whoever in the company can help them but.
Overall it's good to have them home.
As long as they're a strong spr like they're supposed to.
End of the week they only made $150.
Do i have to do as a individual contributor is like,
have to really sit down anyone have difficult conversations and,
that is communicating.
Doing it in a way that you're doing it and you're communicating.
Trend that you see week-over-week then,
it just happened so long ago.
Get back on track then you never lied consistency that's that's a big big thing there.

[31:10] Another question kinda going back in time when we were talking about how higher
what an traits when hiring somebody you mentioned a really good training program is important.

[31:26] SDR what kind of program are you putting together.

[31:29] Yeah so definitely like say you say you do you hire nasty are with zero sales about my experience right out of college and or or just go
jumping in the cell development from whatever stage they are at in their life providing a very solid week.
Sales development training best practices around around sales development and also you have to
train them on their product on the solution and,
messed around with the length of time i am that this on boarding put program should take place.
What we found at first he doled out where we had to different me and very intense in two weeks of training and then it goes into more like.
Weekly workshops like as as very young they're hitting their phones in and ends and funny e-mails.

[32:37] Occurred over a three month period and that ended up.

[32:42] Do you still carry that on but we really can't dynasty and just so that way it's getting
you're ramping up the st are faster is the goal of like an est are manager out there is how fast can i ramp up my new apps that i asked them scaling my team to produce consistent results
so and really can dancing until like thirty days of.
Intense training in Workshop so they have all the knowledge to be successful and then really important,
aspect of any training program is have some sort of certification
sure catherine a half to go she or when i actually like.

[33:33] Answer answer questions or provide them scenarios like if there gonna be an outbound say like.

[33:40] Hey use your clients are your first first question and what your client ideal customer profile based off that.
Five Target account that you think would be a good fit for your ICP then diving LinkedIn sales Navigator and find me,
each account that that would be a great fit to reach out to and what would be here your rollin ice age are jp
taking it a step further is hyper relevancy.
Okay so just being able to to prove that they're ready for the job
exactly giving it rain really like the way I look at it is management perspective is obviously getting things done through your people but.
Also you're giving them all the tools they need to succeed so what acts like.
I'm some sort of like making sure that bothered like when data is a beijing it's up ask dr is job to ensure that then call the other data is good that falls on.
Leadership and management to make sure that.
Or is there working when are supplying you know what the right day and and and it's not like.

[35:08] Backyards not wasting their time calling and phone numbers that are completely wrong.

[35:15] Yeah we all know that problem alright.
Well Michael is there a way for people to reach out to him contact you feel free to.

[35:29] When can mike casino seal sci and a mom always sharing your.
To share and just provide value to my connections on,
best practices in sales development.
Some really good insights and sales development
my email is Michael and you can also follow me on Twitter at Mike Casino
mike thank you very much for being with us and sharing your insights yeah thank you so much i appreciate it.

[36:24] Minecraft cool things off with the five last questions what is your favorite sales or leadership book.
So that goes back to Sales Management simplified
the fact and it it helped me so much in my heart is
period of my MyCareer Sandusky that transition really really help me a lot.

[36:55] Set the,
do besides sales hackers is there someone that you follow or read for sales and Leadership advice
through their website they're VC firm based in Boston.

[37:24] So jack casa koski he is doing some great things around video and prospecting and marketing,
i'm coca sex stand on it is a whole slew of folks on linkedin that i read that provide.
The vin fights yeah this is free stop and everyone on there in the kiss you build your or you're not working the right way you can really get some great.
I'm new to learn a lot just by being acting modeling gain new and
link in profile is great but having a lincoln has answers really what sets such a part on yo some
and some good raps to the really great great rap sat that build their own personal brand as well as represent the organization here.

[38:12] Alright are you available 24/7 or do you have a stripper compound
why is it every time i be able to get money into it just know whether with technology these days it seems like you always have to be available by myself like in the summer time and.
I am really throughout the year like we work a lot of West Coast clients are there 3 hours behind.
I'm available over email I don't mind Sunday night during the week on the weekend.

[38:51] Or per se i prospecting anything like that or i would.
I would i read in on the weekend and and listen in on podcast and that for the stuff for my own personal knowledge in in continuous learning and about when
that's just something I have a passion for.
I start to get you just start to feel stressed out and I need to take some time off.
Maybe i'll go up north like vermont new hampshire and there's usually no cell service up there so you got an excuse that is.
Mexican actor in ghost ghost snowboard getting in nature and then you come back,
cheating more than ten if you had stayed there and been in the weeds for last two days.

[39:51] Absolutely and what is your favorite tool used for sales
my favorite tool is a combination and that includes just being alive gonna turn out brown in my huge proponent of doing outbound in helping our clients.

[40:13] Excuse on outbound is too old i started using in their very early days as one of their probably first users are we like you on the house you bought build west
linked in with a really good accuracy rate.
Click of a button that you could add 25 people at once but if you have to suppress them against
can do it in one at a time but you can build a list of sixteen hundred people in an hour and after the target is fashion and and and that you can either export the sales loft or in my case we use a lot of yes we're
this is year so we had had great success odious where because it it works both outlook and angie now.
So you build your less than we like you very target and you can segmented by title my industry what what have you
enter yes where you got your your automated came out i'm glad to checking to salesforce i'm sorry hun automated dot whole process man that's,
that's been my go-to for the past three years for Edsel and Salesforce.

[41:31] Yes we're sorry one piece of advice you have for all the founders in the the VP sales listening to the song
she definitely there and would ask dr is they are
really great question and I posted some things on this end in the past month or two is having the VP of sales or even the CEO,
psvr for a day or two,
these guys and girls are on the Frontline they are talking to your to your prospective customers they understand the market.
Sure the VP of sales get it at a high level but they're not having individual conversations and really understanding either
for any VP of sales.
Yeah sit with your ass yards for a day and the ask dr for a day it would be its i think that would be a great agree exercise.

[42:45] Thank you very much for joining us it's been a pleasure and definitely a lot to a lot to take in thank you.

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