How to screen for good sales people - Mini Series 5 of 7


Episode 48: Show Notes.

Recruiting and hiring sales talent is the next important topic in our mini series with John Ellis. These tasks are some of the most challenging, especially doing it at scale. Today we discuss your sales leader’s role in approaching prospective reps, the most important information for job postings, the red flags in resumes and the various screening processes. We also talk about the need for transparency and understating what ultimately motivates a candidate, how they have experienced previous management styles and what their expectations are. The bottom line is that you want to assemble a team that will go above and beyond and that truly buys into the product or service you offer. This episode is packed with hands-on advice around the recruitment process, so be sure to join us! 

“When you’re 5 people, 10 people, even 20 people, every single person that you hire regardless of their role is going to have a direct impact on the direction the company takes and the culture that the company fosters.” — John Ellis Click To Tweet

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Why employing the right talent is so crucial to small companies and startups in particular. 
  • How sales leaders should utilize their organic network to recruit new team members. 
  • Appropriate information to include in job posts and stipulating requirements rather than perks.  
  • Having a process for screening resumes and paying attention to BDR roles. 
  • What to look for in an AE and the red flags around their longevity in those positions. 
  • Comparing CVs to LinkedIn profiles and being wary of vague dates and canned copy. 
  • Scheduling phone or conference call screens and what these can reveal about the candidate. 
  • Pressure testing resume information and honesty through on site interviews. 
  • Establishing a candidate’s intrinsic motivators and the coaching style they thrive under. 
  • Using mock presentations and role play to learn the sales styles and skills of candidates.
  • The importance of having a team who are willing to do more than what they’re asked.   
  • And much more! 
“You should welcome that honesty with open arms. You should always want the uncomfortable truth rather than the comfortable lie.” — John Ellis Click To Tweet “Be wary of people who only put the year in which they were employed somewhere; that’s a big red flag.” — John Ellis Click To Tweet

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