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Not Hitting Targets?

Slow sales cycles, prospects ghosting you?

What people are saying

I had a demo immediately after our meeting and I utilized your method - it worked! I could see the client much more invested.

We closed the deal and he signed :)

— Idan Hemed

Since Friday, we added $200k ARR in negotiations because of the new value proposition and sales channels.

— Diogo Machado

I don't know how you are doing it, but magic started to happen :)

My enterprise team is crying from happiness about working with you

— Max Pecherskyi

Working with Adam has given me great structure to the sales process. Our demo's and negotiations are now much smoother.

— Arthur Berezin

Working with Adam was a game-changer for our SaaS growth. His expertise in sales strategy & team training was invaluable. The sales playbook he developed became a key part of our success. I highly recommend Adam to anyone aiming to boost their sales growth; his impact is transformative.

— Tsiki Naftaly

After implementing the techniques we discussed, I was instantly able to better engage, understand, qualify and ultimately sell to my prospects.

Am kicking myself now thinking about all those lost deals I could have won had we spoken earlier. On the plus side though, my pipeline is already looking a lot healthier.

— John Proctor

Adam's commitment to excellence, deep industry knowledge, and exceptional coaching skills make him an invaluable asset for any professional seeking to optimize their sales strategies and processes. I am confident that his contributions will continue to drive success for those fortunate enough to work with him.

— Jonathan Yuval

Adam was instrumental in setting up my Linkedin sales activities leading to 5-10 disco calls a week with minimal effort.

Even though it wasn’t in the mandate, he helped me to craft messages that hit the right nerve and result in high response rates.

— Akos Kiss Dozsai

Our largest customer was about to churn, using your methodologies, we were not only able to keep them as a client but also upsold them two new features.

— Yishai Knobel

We founders tend to be tunnel vision and you think everything is correct. Adam helped question my assumptions, allowing me to see other perspectives and learn much better ways.

— Vidya Nallamad

Hi, I'm Adam

I work with B2B companies with a complex sale to create and modify their sales machine in order to achieve targets and grow sales immediately.

I got here by being the first sales person for four startups (An IPO, a unicorn, a growing unicorn and a failure) I went from product launch to a million in revenue in an average of 9 months then scaled to 20-30 million ARR.

I have worked 1:1 with dozens of companies and have conducted workshops and keynotes to thousands.

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