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"Leadership is the art of giving people a platform for spreading ideas that work." 

--Seth Godin




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To succeed plan for the end – Gary Johnson

In a new hire he is looking for a natural…

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Problems in a sales pipeline – Benjamin Dennehy

Most sales problems come down to one thing… Prospecting. This…

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Outbound prospecting Eric Nadeau

His team is working mostly (about 95%) outbound. His outbound…

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Solve for customer value not volume – John Sherer

Show Notes John was the first sales person at the…

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Using the DISC personality profile to hire sales – Kirk Tharp

SHOW NOTES The average tenure for a VP sales is…

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Should you hire sales with experience? – JR Butler

Show Notes Starting his career in EMC as a reseller…

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About me and my podcast

I wanted to build the ultimate sales team. Not wanting to reinvent the wheel, I decided to reach out to other people who have had the experience and knowledge to help me.

I then thought that I am not the only one on this mission and wanted to share my findings with the community. This podcast is the recording of those conversations.